We are a team, with our base in Armação dos Búzios, RJ - Brasil, dedicated to providing our customers a safe and excellent quality of service in terms of training in sailing, scuba, yacht delivery and live-aboard trips.
We focus our entire organization, experience and expertise to achieve our mission, we seek to lead the industry with solutions based on our clients necessities.
Developing solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers is our primary goal ...

Our staff are integrated by professionals in sailing and diving. With years of experience in both activities, today we are sharing our knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to learn any of these exciting activities.

In Scubasail Sailing & Diving Trainning Company, we are different from any other sailing and diving school, why? simply because our professional team is comprised of people who only dedicated to sailing, diving and teaching both activithies . We are not divers or sailors in our free times, so we are 100% of our time. We are dedicated to this.

Our main objective is to share our knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

Intruduce more friends and generate a family of lovers of these activities is our main goal

We invite you to meet our team:

Emiliano Barral



Diving instructor PADI.
Yacht Master Offshore.
Underwater Videographer.
General Manager.

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Coni Ciaramella



Divemaster PADI.
Underwater Photographer.
Commercial Manager.

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Max Bulmini



Underwater Photographer.

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